About Us


Focused To Fit is a fitness and Lifestyle group. Known for our juice and health food bar concept in the process of opening its first location in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We focus on using high quality healthy ingredients to make great tasting juices.

Focused To Fit was designed to motivate you in becoming the best version of yourself. With all of life's obstacles, it is very easy to loose track. The philosophy for our business revolves around the recognition that many people find it difficult to get the fruits and vegetables they need for a healthy body. We believe that juicing provides an efficient and easy way for people to combat this problem. Our business provides the fastest and most convenient way for people to get the fruits and vegetables their body needs. While healthy juices are our primary product, our shirts and hoodies were the first products released and really made a statement in gyms and benefit walks.

Focused To Fit was created in 2014 by Dalia L. Roberts.

She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from West Chester University.

In 2017, she completed her first juice cleanse, which inspired her to start making cold pressed juices for her community. Her juices became so popular that she established the Focus Juice Bar.

Dalia is passionate about helping and educating her community about health and nutrition. She strives to extend as much knowledge as she can to promote a healthy lifestyle, which is why she created Focus on Juice.